The Mecca of Club Hopping

Delhi is the city for the fast pacer. Everybody is just blindly running and doesn’t have time to even slow down (forget about coming to a halt). Well, I don’t think this rat-race life is only associated with Delhi because this is the modern city life. People wait for the weekend to come in order to have a family get-together or friends’ night out. The stampede at clubs, restaurants, bars, lounge, cafes on blissful Saturday and Sunday cannot be fussed about because people want to make the most of their time weekend. CLUB HOPPING is the result of this upcoming trend, the trend to see maximum in minimum time.

Club hopping is a concept where one instead of spending a few hours continuously at one club, hop from one club to another and tries out the specialty of each club in that time. 

It will not come as a surprise to you that Delhi qualifies the list of best cities to enjoy the nightlife in India. There are many rooms for clubs & pubs in every corner of Delhi. Cyber hub, Connaught Place, Greater Kailash, Khan Market, Rajouri Garden, Punjabi Bagh but Hauz Khas Village (HKV) beats them all. It is the Mecca of nightlife in Delhi. 
In fact, with Hauz Khas Fort to visit in day and clubs at night, HKV is a concoction of history and modernity. 
The loud music, buzzing booze, open mic, karaoke nights, streets and clubs filled with party poppers, night crawlers, hungry soul, crazy riders is the typical night scene at HKV, especially on weekend.

So, if you are ready for some feet tapping,  awesome ambiance, rocking booze and lip smacking chakna, hit the clubs given below:-

1. Ali Baba Caves
Ali baba caves
An epitome of ethnic name and modern place. This club is unique just like its name. The cave like interiors will take you back down the memory lane of your childhood. 
2. Imperfecto
I really don’t know what made its owner name this place so because it is perfect in every way. Its Mediterranean style bar, exotic European cuisine and quirky ambiance are next to perfect! 
3. Social
Social HKV
It is one of the best places to hang out irrespective of the fact whether it’s night or day. The food, cocktails, aura, prices, everything are top notch. It indeed is sociable and economical. 
4. Pink room
pink room hauz khas
Please don’t go by the name and image (it is not only-for-girls). It is another sociable café and bars with terrace serving hookah, cocktail and Asian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian and what not cuisine. Great place to shake some legs.
5. What a comic show
What a comic show HKV
You can definitely end your club hopping tour at this place. Eating finger licking food while reading your favorite comic book is a dream come true for comic lovers. Known for its Pan Asian food and comic themed decor, it is one worthy place to hang out. 
6.Out of the Box
Out of the box cafe

Quirky furniture, vibrant & wooden interior, large windows, cool ambiance will not disappoint you. The F&B choice will leave you to have some more than your appetite. OTB live up to people’s expectations and to its name! 


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