Mini Guide To Tourist Scams-Chapter 2

Chapter-2 UAE

UAE, the land of seven emirates, is one of the ideal tourist destinations. The tallest skyscraper, desert safari, sandy beaches, largest malls, blue seas, multi cultural cuisine makes people pack their bags right away.

And if you too are ready with your bags and to-do list, then spare just a few more minutes. Read the following as it will save your trip from getting ruined. 

  • On your trip, you may come across many people during your trip and one of them could be a woman with sick child. These women usually target a single woman. She will approach you and ask for money for her child fighting for life in a hospital. She will promise to repay and take your number for the same. However, you will never get the call nor your money back.
    You can always walk away or threaten to call a police in this case. Moreover, begging is illegal in Dubai.
    Tourist scam
  • Travelling salesman on the streets of Dubai or Abu Dhabi may also fool you.
    You will be approached by men claiming that they have just finished exhibiting designer suits in a fashion show. They cannot take back these suits to their country and therefore, they are selling them at discount. If you show even slightest interest in buying them, they will take you to the suits. However, they will only give you little time to touch it & realize that they are selling fake copies of originally branded suits.
  • You need to be beware when you walk past a car which has a family in it. Chances are that driver will come to you and ask for money as the car is running out of petrol. Also, he needs to feed his family. However, that driver including the family members is crooked.
    Don’t fall prey to their moist eyes.
  • Everything that glitters is not gold. At times products sold in the local market are fake and cheap. And customers are charged quite a money for the same. If you are not sure about the originality of the product, you can always complain.
    Just like products, fake taxis are also quite popular in UAE.

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