6 Places That Manifest, Nature’s Magic Is Not Sleight Of Hand!

“If you go into nature’s wonder you are in a temple that will open your heart instantly”

 -Louie Schwartzberg

However tired or homesick you feel but there are places on mother Earth that will make you pack your backpacks and lit the ardent flame to go and not coming back for a while. Their ethereal beauty is mesmerizing and their certainty of existence will leave you spellbound.  The following six places will wake up the side consumed by wanderlust in you out of its slumber….

“It’s Still Magic Even If You Know How It’s Done”


The Dolomites of Italy show its true color at dawn and dusk when it turns from pale yellow to intense red and gradually turning to violet vanishes at night. Where native believes there is a story behind it where King Laurino cursed his rose garden, science proves that the range of mountain plays with the color due a phenomenon called alpenglow. Science or story, indeed either of them has given Earthians a traveler’s paradise.

Northern Lights Glory Fills The Sky

Aurora Borealis is on every traveler’s bucket list. The thought of camping out in a tent with a toasty fire to keep you cozy will make you book your tickets right away! The real time to see it is after 6 pm and until 1 am, especially between late September and the end of March and if you are afraid of dark then don’t mind to befriend some huskies who will give you a ride to the lights.

P.S.:- If you go to Norway don’t forget to hit the Atlantic Ocean road!

Salar de Uyuni: Where Heaven Meet Earth

It is world’s largest salt flat situated in southwest Bolivia. It is an idyllic place which is even greater than few countries. Whenever it is covered with a thin layer of water, it acts like world’s largest mirror, reflecting the cloudy sky and the view are indeed breath-taking. ‘Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die,’ well it is utterly genuine and possible now for heaven is right here on the Earth. Oh yeah!

Zhangye Danxia Brings Colors To China

No, no one played Holi here with strong colors *wink*. There is a not-so-interesting geographical story behind it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said,” Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”, this landscape wears the colors of some tectonic plates-collision-catastrophic activities which took place around 50 million years ago. These are colorful, sharp and several hundred meters high minerals and rock formation. Apple of many artist’s eyes, this eerie looking land-form is the eye candy of Zhangye.

Caño Cristales: Rainbow Of Five colours!

Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta is home to this Colombian river. Known as Crystal Channel in English is also referred as “Liquid Rainbow” or “River of five colors.” Local flora gives it it’s five colors i.e. black, blue, green, yellow and deep red. From later July to November is the perfect time to visit world’s most beautiful river. Channel doesn’t have any fish (maybe it forgot to carry them when it ran from paradise) and water is crystal clear.

Queensland Calling The Adventurer Within You!

Great barrier

One can’t talk about nature’s wonder without mentioning Great Barrier Reef. Located in Queensland, Australia, it is world’s largest coral system. The only living organism made structure that can be seen from outer space. From the bottom of the Earth to sky, from scuba diving to skydiving, it proffers you complete adventure package. So, is the adventure junky within you ready to dive into world’s largest coral reef? Well, then it’s time to take a scenic flight to Australia.

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